Profile Picture of the artist Sara Sultan from Pakistan

Sara’s artistic journey began largely due to her father being a renowned Pakistani poet and painter. She grew up in her father’s studio and eventual developed an affinity for the sights and smells of her surroundings. She started painting at 7 and later chose to pursue it as a career at the age of 19.

Sara was a sports enthusiast, becoming Pakistan’s No. 2 in Women’s tennis earning her a full scholarship to Moreton Hall, UK. She then went on to study Business Management in the Tourism Industry at IMC, Austria where she learnt German and French while specialising in art and culture.

Sara’s artistic vision has been appreciated by keen art lovers who seek originality. Her charcoal series is unique in its abstraction of the human form always playing with light and intensity. Her work in oils has been praised for its profound impact, masterful technique, and ability to evoke a range of emotions in the beholder.

Sara Sultan continues to paint, pushing the boundaries of her creativity and inspiring others with her evocative artwork.